Structured Cabling

 Looking for a more tech-savy environment? Protection & Audio/Video by Design offers excellent Structured Cabling options such as…

Multi-use outlets can help you get more from your home or office
– Shared internet capability
– Video images for CCTV
– Wireless internet access

Our Structured Cabling starts with an OnQ Connection Center ready to house your high-speed internet, phone, TV, security, and digital music. Our technicians can help you organize all of those wires and in some cases can even help you go wireless.

Window Candle Systems
A beautiful window accent with timeless charm and modern convenience.

Our Window Candle System provides you with beautifully lit window candles without the hassle of extension cords or battery changes. For ease of use, our system is hardwired back to one convenient on/off switch. They slide easily on and off their bases for convenient storage when not in use. You can coordinate your bases from room-to-room with dozens of base styles and colors to choose from.

Visit our Showroom and see for yourself…

Please contact us with any questions at 757-591-7233

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