Residential Security Systems

Security Systems for your Home

Alarm-SystemProtection & Audio/Video by Design has over 25 years of experience helping you protect what matters most. Our home security systems meet the highest standards and have been helping families stay safe for decades. Our services include…

  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Police, fire and rescue
  • Receive texts when there is activity at your home
  • Connectivity and control from your computer, iPad or mobile device
  • View your cameras from your smartphone
  • Expand to control lighting, thermostats, doors and locks
  • Save money on your homeowners insurance

As safe as we want to feel in our own homes statistics show that crime is on the rise.
*In the U.S. there is a burglary every 14.6 seconds
*In 84% of burglaries, the offender gained entry into the victim’s premises
*Last year the average cost of a burglary was over $2000
*More than 85% of police departments believe that a monitored security system is a good deterrent.
And don’t forget about the silent intruder…FIRE>
*In the U.S. there is a fire every 19 seconds
*Fire kills more people each year than all natural disasters combined
*The average response time to a monitored smoke detector is 4 minutes vs. 18 minutes with a traditional detector.

Services Available:
Security: Fire & Burglary
Medical: Pendants and systems to offer independence without sacrificing
protection and safety
Access Control: Easily track who is coming and going. No more fumbling with keys


Please contact us with any questions at 757-591-7233

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