Residential Audio/Video

Audio & Video For Your Home

Savant-Home-AutomationProtection & Audio/Video by Design provides you with state of the art home entertainment technology and installation. Our features include…

    • House-wide music systems
    • Surround Sound & Home Theater Systems
    • Wireless Control & Automation
  • Connectivity between your mobile devices and your home

When is staying at home a good thing?

Imagine sitting on your deck listening to your favorite Jazz CD while someone in the kitchen stirs it up to Top 40. Meanwhile, the kids are quietly enthralled in a movie in the Bonus Room… everyone is happy. Sound good? We can do that. Are you ready to do something with that room over the garage? Do you have an empty spot over the fireplace while your flat panel just ‘sits’ on a stand in the corner of the Great Room? Are you ready for that upgrade to a Smart HDTV? We can do that too. If you have a dedicated Home Theater Room just waiting to be “dressed up” or simply want to create that same type viewing experience in your family room, we can help. From education and design to product procurement and installation our designers will be by your side helping you create a true Home Entertainment experience.

The very best from Klipsch, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Yamaha, Bose, Apple TV and more!

Please contact us with any questions at 757-591-7233

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